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3 things about Green Cleaning:

Incidents related to the usage of chemical products have increased vastly in the past few years. Many chemical cleaning products used at home are deemed harmful. It was reported that every one out of three traditional chemical cleaning product causes environmental and health problems. Thus, it is essential that we switch to greener products that are environmentally friendly and does not harm our health. Let us explore the benefits of green cleaning with respect to three different aspects; health, safety and cleaning efficiency.

One of the biggest advantages of green cleaning is that it decreases the health risks associated with chemical cleaning products. Firstly, these products reduce exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals that are poisonous. They also decrease the occurrence of asthma attacks that are caused due to chemical and dust allergies. The indoor air quality is also improved by the reduction of chemical gases and airborne dust. Secondly, green cleaning also highlights and promotes safe measures of using cleaning products. They provide recommendations to handle chemical products safely like with the help of automatic dilution dispensers. The control of storage locations and chemical inventory is also improved. Furthermore, the maintenance of powered cleaning equipment is also improved. In terms of cleaning efficiency, green cleaning improves the cleaning systems and processes greatly. They decrease the amount of soil entering the building with the help of appropriately sized mats. Productivity and learning is increased and the frequency of labor intensive tasks is also reduced through green cleaning.

Use of green cleaning and greener and environmentally friendly products have increased in the past few years. Incidents due to harmful chemical products and increased awareness have made many users to switch to green cleaning. It is important that green cleaning is adopted so that our lives and our homes are protected.



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